green ocean 2 is high speed monohull vessel with mordern design and aesthetics for speed , agility and comfort. The vessel has a plush interiors and seating with large legroom. the vessel has a capacity of 198 seats divided between upper deck-royal class and lower deck-deluxe and luxury class the lower deck. the lower deck also hosts a modern cafeteria with hot and cold beverages. the entire vessel is wired for a better music and PA system. Also there are televisions placed on all decks for passengers to view media content.

The ship sails for portblair-havelock-neil trips, starting from Phoenix bay jetty daily and usually takes about 2hrs and 15 min for a one way journey between the destinations

On Boarding

The onboarding procedures involves the following steps
  • CISF security check at the gate on entering the port area.
  • Checkin at the checkin counter.
  • Tag Baggage and handling
  • Gangway walk in for onboarding
  • Boarding pass stubbing
  • Embarkation and seating of passengers and sail

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